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((You would like to RP?))

((It's save to say I'm down for most plots. Either little plots or something bigger with multiple persons involved such as this, which is still going. Sometimes I switch in between pre- and post-movie for the sake of getting to know people the Post-Movie version wouldn't normally interact with anymore. This also creates future references, which can always put to good use for further plotting.. So, yea. Drop a starter or request a starter. Leave a comment asking for one or note me! :D))






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Flynns Headcanons

:bulletblue: Very light sleeper. So he often wakes up during the night, if one of the servants happens to pass through his room.
:bulletblue: Hates to be forced into/to do something.
:bulletblue: Wearing fancy clothes, that suit his new status is still uncomfortable for him.
:bulletblue: Soft spot for children, especially poor ones.
:bulletblue: Regrets his actions in the past, but doesen't mention it openly.
:bulletblue: Generally dislikes magic and everything related to it. It takes more than just convincing to make him shed his concerns.
:bulletblue: Advanced dancing and singing skills, but he often refuses to join in a singing/dancing act anyway.
:bulletblue: Tends to keep his shoes on in bed and only really takes them off to take a shower.
:bulletblue: Hides two small daggers inside his boots, but mostly uses them to cut, rather than fighting.
:bulletblue: Rapunzels and Eugenes wedding is considered a Morganatic Wedding, describing a european marriage between a royal and a lesser rank/commoner.
:bulletred: This happened more frequently after WWI, because of a lack of princesses. So rather than normal men marrying into royalty, lower-ranked women ascended into a status close to, but not the same as their husbands.
:bulletred: Children born in such a marriage were invalid as rightful heirs for the throne and were equal to the social status
of the lowest rank between the parents.

:bulletblue: Even though he has changed his ways he is still capable of and will sometimes be acting like a jerk.
:bulletblue: Incapable of appreciating well-made food. Except for what Rapunzel makes.
:bulletblue: Whenever he is too stubborn to do someone a favor crying will always do the trick. Seriously though, he can't stand it.

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"My son." the tone in which these words were spoken was final. So was the statement. The king had personally asked him to see him in the destroyed throne room. Up until now he had always kept a watchful eye on him. Not like someone, who doubted your motives, but like a father. Every mistake was eventually forgiven and forgotten, but this pained look of a father, who was worried about his daughter, was not so easy to brush off.

"Eugene." he spoke firmly, without any hint of doubt and rested his hand on his shoulder.

They'd talked about this. Flynn had brought this up with Rapunzel, rather than the other way around. The list of his crimes was long, longer than any book Rapunzel read so far and the girl didn't want to believe it. Forgetting was one thing, forgiving was another. He was still to be hanged for his crimes, up until today. Things had probably changed, but royalty always meant responsibility and doing things your subjects wanted you to do.

Such as getting rid of a pest like him. 

Thomas, rightful king of Corona, held a parchment of high priority in his hand, all the while he spoke to Flynn. All the guy could do was nod and acknowledge what he told him. It was his responsibility to clean his name by the means of words and actions. All the elder could do, was clean it by law. It was a matter of signatures and talks to his loyal, royal commander and his leutnants to remove the ever-present threat of death penalty from the name of his daughters fiancé.

Said daughter was currently being comforted by her mother. Her bedroom was inaccessable at the moment, so she had allowed her to stay in her parents bedroom instead. There were a bunch of fine rooms in great shape, but Rapunzel couldn't stand being alone right about now. Thank god she hadn't been directly affected by the horrible attacks the entire kingdom had suffered from, but seeing Eugene supporting his weight on a crutch had caused her to break out in tears. Instantly she had insisted to curl him up in her hair entirely and heal what was left to heal of his injuries, caused by Maleficent. Thus the crutch was now abandoned somewhere in a hallway.

The queen had joined them in the meantime. All of them were exhausted, but they had important business to attend, which couldn't wait. She stood close to her husband and mustered Eugene sympathetically. Thomas kept his smile upright and meaningfully rustled with the piece of parchment, which Flynn couldn't help noticing a while ago. Was this another list of all the records they had of him? They even knew all the things, he did when he was just a kid back then.

"We have received a letter from Queen Elsa of Arendelle." he informed him. Elsa he thought, swallowing. What could she want? "Wait- please. Your highness.. I can explain."

As they listened to his explanations, the king and the queen held on to each others hand behind their backs.

Their kingdom was in need of their king and queen, so they couldn't leave for the International Exposition, which Queen Elsa had dearly invited them to. Flynn happened to be free of such boundaries and duties.. yet. "I would like both of you to enjoy yourself and forget all about what has happened." the queen insisted in a tone, which told him, that she wasn't going to accept any objections.

Of course Flynn lost the argument with his soon to be parents-in-law and found himself in the middle of the preparations to deliver a decent representation of their kingdom to Arendelle, by the time the exposition would begin.

Meanwhile the royals stood on a large balcony, yet all for themselves for a moment. The king held an old wanted poster, while his wife was looking down at a book. "Flynnigan Rider." she chuckled gently. "He has a lot to answer for." he replied and smiled. "Yes, he does." she said and looked at the poster as well. She gently tugged it out of his fingers, folded it and placed it neatly inside the book. "Fortunately he is solely a fictional character."
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Eugene Fitzherbert

"I know not who you are, nor how you came to find me, but can I just say...Hi. How ya doing? The name's Flynn Rider. Maybe you've heard of me? No? Nothing of my swashbuckling adventures, dashing good looks, or the fact that I'm not bad with the ladies...Nothing? Huh. Well, I don't do backstory, so you're on your own."


Wanting to distance himself from his past, he creates an alternate identity for himself, pulling his name, Flynn Rider, from a story he read to the other children at his orphanage. "The Tales of Flynnigan Rider"


Flynn is a young adult, roughly twenty three or four, depending on who you ask.
(According to an official statement he's 26 years old. Going to refer to this age whenever it matters.)


Although deep down, he's a good person, caring and sensitive to the needs of others, he tries to come off as a self-centered thief. His fake reputation often gets him into trouble with the law, but all he wants, is the freedom to do whatever he wants, be whatever he wants. Or at least, up until he meets a young woman who's spent her entire life inside of a tower. It was then, when everything changed for him.


At first meeting, Flynn can come off as cocky, arrogant and a little bit self-centered. He is overly concerned about money, and wealth, and would rather spend the rest of his life on a private island, surrounded by money, rather than loved ones. He's a ladies-man, charming and flirtatious, and he’s used his famous “smoulder” to get himself out of many sticky situations. However, behind this facade, when one gets to know him, he is sensitive, laid back and good-hearted. Meeting Rapunzel, was the first nick, in his reputation. On his journey with the girl, he transforms into a more compassionate, chivalrous and trustworthy person, and changes his priorities. He's even willingly give up his chances at wealth to keep the Stabbington Brothers off their back. Although he never quite loses his initial cockiness and tendency to cause mischief, Flynn loses sight of the importance of becoming rich as he fights to be with Rapunzel, to the point where he's willing to die for the ones he loves.


As an experienced thief, Flynn is skilled in escaping the authorities, hiding out and stealing right from under people's noses. Thus, he is agile, strong and quick-witted, often out-thinking his opponents before going toe to toe with them. Flynn's talents also include fencing, horseback riding, scaling and maneuvering over high walls and towers with ease as well as his "superhuman good looks", which unfortunately have no effect on Rapunzel.


Like any wanted criminal, Flynn has a downside for every possible upside. Outside of the mere fact that he's been reduced to theft, an end to a means, rather than something he particularly enjoys doing, he is hardly trusting of others. Due to his background, his experience with the orphanage system, he finds it difficult to place trust in anyone, especially when his life hangs in the balance. He is also incredibly vein, cocky, egotistical, and flirtatious, often coming to the conclusion that the world revolves around him. Or at least, that it should.

Friends and Family:

Growing up within an orphanage, he never really got the opportunity to meet his parents. Outside of the fact that they gave him up, he knows little to nothing of who they were, or even what they looked like. As far as he's concerned, they died a long time ago. Being one of the older kids within said orphanage, many of the young ones looked up to him as something of a role model. Of course, he enjoyed this position in the spotlight, but he never felt connected to anyone there, often preferring to spend his time alone. He grew up with nobody by his side, and this tradition carried on into adulthood, his only desire to spend the rest of his life on a private island. Of course, once he met :iconwdisneyrp-rapunzel:, he saw the light, and realized that what he had been missing, was someone to spend his life with. That his crimes, were simply an attempt to fill the void.


Post-Movie before the wedding



(Met them once or merely exchanged names.)


Rapunzels cousin. But also the queen of Arendelle. The two of them met under not-so-pleasant circumstances. Flynn is only slowly starting to comprehend her personal abilities and retreats from generally fearing them as another form of magic and possible source of trouble.

A guy who works directly for the queen and is Annas boyfriend. They've met while both of them were transformed into sparrow men. Since he implied he would deliver Flynn to the queen and used his ice talent on him he's still not "sympatico" with him.

Flynn has gotten to know her better due to an unlucky event with poisonous Loonyberries, which sent both of them tripping in the forest. Ever since they shared this experience he thinks of her as reliable in times of need. Regardless of that often one of the two will succumb to tease the other, which leads to a doom loop.



Flynn (un)fortunately ran into her inside of a high tower, where she had spent every single day of her life. By threatening him with a cooking utensil she could confince him to bring her to Corona at his own risk. Escaping death together has established a strong bond between him and her. Thus he gave up his old ideals and puts her first ever since.

Rapunzels cousin and princess of Arendelle. Overall a very positive person to be around. To Flynn she seems to be almost as curious about her environment as Rapunzel.

Flynn has got to know him as a poor kid, much like himself when he was his age. He feels that he owes him a tiny bit of justice.

Arthurs mentor. He told Flynn, that Arthur had a destiny to await him, but didn't go into detail about it. He is not fond of Merlin (or magic in general). So he behaves rather careful around him.

As much as Flynn adores this fuzzy fella he doesen't trust his naiveness and his ability to speak. He sees a potential danger in him regarding his own well-being.

Much like Rapunzel, the little snow man appears to be curious about just about everything going on around him. Running into dangers he didn't know yet included, sadly.

The eagle is a friend of Arthur and has readily taken all the risks of being slain at the spot to protect him from a shadows ambush. Flynn owes him no less than his life.


Rapunzels "mother" - or at least she claimed to be for the longest time. Flynn only ever briefly met her, but he can't forget that the whole misery his future wife had to go through was her fault.

The person who is responsible for the near destruction of Corona. He hasn't met her face-to-face yet.

The ghost bride has hurt Arthur, because she wanted to kill Flynn and her shadow minions injured him pretty badly. Who would befriend someone like that, honestly.

The soldier held Flynn hostage in order to blackmail Rapunzel and her parents and worked through an entire list of torture methods, with him as his victim.

(The Stabbington Brothers)

((I also RP as: :iconwdisneyrp-jim:))

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