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Flynns Headcanons

:bulletblue: Very light sleeper. So he often wakes up during the night, if one of the servants happens to pass through his room.
:bulletblue: Hates to be forced into/to do something.
:bulletblue: Dislikes wearing fancy clothes, for they are often too tight.
:bulletblue: Soft spot for children, especially poor ones.
:bulletblue: Regrets his actions in the past and slowly but steadily works on making it up to everyone who he has stolen from.
:bulletblue: Generally dislikes magic and everything related to it. It takes more than just convincing to make him shed his concerns.
:bulletblue: Advanced dancing and singing skills, but he often refuses to join in a singing/dancing act anyway.
:bulletblue: Tends to keep his shoes on in bed and only really takes them off to take a shower.
:bulletblue: Hides two small daggers inside his boots, but mostly uses them to cut, rather than fighting.
:bulletblue: Rapunzels and Eugenes wedding is considered a Morganatic Wedding, describing a european marriage between a royal and a lesser rank/commoner.
:bulletred: For long this means, that Eugene could never have a status 100% equal to that of a real blue-blood prince. In addition, if they ever were to have children they couldn't serve as rightful heirs to the throne, since they would share the rank of the lower ranked parent.
:bulletblue: Even though he has changed his ways he is still capable of and will sometimes be acting like a jerk.
:bulletblue: Capable of drawing his own nose. ((Check here for mad drawing skills.))
:bulletblue: Whenever he is too stubborn to do someone a favor crying will always do the trick. Seriously though, he can't stand it.
:bulletblue: Smells of grass and earth - and whatever strong alcohol he may or may not consumed that day.
:bulletblue: Pro at setting up traps, that launch his prey right into his hands.
:bulletblue: Afraid of bears.
:bulletblue: As brave as any other thief; not very.
:bulletblue: The thought that he could possibly be living off of Rapunzel bothers him more, than he is ready to admit.
:bulletblue: Always makes sure, that he is seen.
:bulletblue: Secretly happy, that Rapunzel never wears lipstick.
:bulletblue: Overall a huge show-off.
:bulletblue: (Apparently) loves pancakes.

Art by shelziru

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Back at home ((GT))

Thu Feb 26, 2015, 4:18 AM
:iconwdisneyrp-ursula: was so 'kind' as to help Flynn return to his old self to end this mess. Once he returned to the castle, everyone bombarded him with questions. Why did he have another woman in hs bedroom? Why wasn't he there in the morning, when it happened? Frankly, he didn't have an answer to any of that. It was magics fault, that much was certain. Also, he didn't even want to know.

Things were back to normal now. He turned in the clothes he bought together with :iconwdisneyrp-arthur: for his own attire. Royal purple and gold, mostly. The fit was a lot better and it reminded him of something. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

Making a deal with Ursula had certainly not been a good idea. He disliked her for a reason. Much like other magical creatures she smelled like trouble. He was supposed to pay with memories. That were her words. Now he found himself still wondering. What did he pay with? He found himself unable to remember. Cluelessly, he looked around his bedroom. Maybe he could find the answer among his belongings.

He could vividly remember, that this didn't legitimately belong to him. He had just moved in. Walking over to his night stand he picked up a framed picture. It was a cute one, but he couldn't remember receiving it. So what was it doing here? He knitted his brows and put it back down.

Maybe going outside would help him remember what exactly he had paid with for this. He strolled a bit through the gardens and soon ventured down the stairs of the castle. Nothing else he saw rang a bell. He stared off into the distance at the large lake far beneath the castle. 

Who was this Rapunzel everyone was talking about anyway?

((Just a quick update on what's happening with Flynn. Still messing around with journal skins. But this one looks nice and plain. :nod:))

Skin by SimplySilent
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Eugene Fitzherbert

"I know not who you are, nor how you came to find me, but can I just say...Hi. How ya doing? The name's Flynn Rider. Maybe you've heard of me? No? Nothing of my swashbuckling adventures, dashing good looks, or the fact that I'm not bad with the ladies...Nothing? Huh. Well, I don't do backstory, so you're on your own."


Wanting to distance himself from his past, he creates an alternate identity for himself, pulling his name, Flynn Rider, from a story he read to the other children at his orphanage. "The Tales of Flynnigan Rider"


Flynn is a young adult, roughly twenty three or four, depending on who you ask.
(According to an official statement he's 26 years old. Going to refer to this age whenever it matters.)


Although deep down, he's a good person, caring and sensitive to the needs of others, he tries to come off as a self-centered thief. His fake reputation often gets him into trouble with the law, but all he wants, is the freedom to do whatever he wants, be whatever he wants. Or at least, up until he meets a young woman who's spent her entire life inside of a tower. It was then, when everything changed for him.


At first meeting, Flynn can come off as cocky, arrogant and a little bit self-centered. He is overly concerned about money, and wealth, and would rather spend the rest of his life on a private island, surrounded by money, rather than loved ones. He's a ladies-man, charming and flirtatious, and he’s used his famous “smoulder” to get himself out of many sticky situations. However, behind this facade, when one gets to know him, he is sensitive, laid back and good-hearted. Meeting Rapunzel, was the first nick, in his reputation. On his journey with the girl, he transforms into a more compassionate, chivalrous and trustworthy person, and changes his priorities. He's even willingly give up his chances at wealth to keep the Stabbington Brothers off their back. Although he never quite loses his initial cockiness and tendency to cause mischief, Flynn loses sight of the importance of becoming rich as he fights to be with Rapunzel, to the point where he's willing to die for the ones he loves.


As an experienced thief, Flynn is skilled in escaping the authorities, hiding out and stealing right from under people's noses. Thus, he is agile, strong and quick-witted, often out-thinking his opponents before going toe to toe with them. Flynn's talents also include fencing, horseback riding, scaling and maneuvering over high walls and towers with ease as well as his "superhuman good looks", which unfortunately have no effect on Rapunzel.


Like any wanted criminal, Flynn has a downside for every possible upside. Outside of the mere fact that he's been reduced to theft, an end to a means, rather than something he particularly enjoys doing, he is hardly trusting of others. Due to his background, his experience with the orphanage system, he finds it difficult to place trust in anyone, especially when his life hangs in the balance. He is also incredibly vein, cocky, egotistical, and flirtatious, often coming to the conclusion that the world revolves around him. Or at least, that it should.

Friends and Family:

Growing up within an orphanage, he never really got the opportunity to meet his parents. Outside of the fact that they gave him up, he knows little to nothing of who they were, or even what they looked like. As far as he's concerned, they died a long time ago. Being one of the older kids within said orphanage, many of the young ones looked up to him as something of a role model. Of course, he enjoyed this position in the spotlight, but he never felt connected to anyone there, often preferring to spend his time alone. He grew up with nobody by his side, and this tradition carried on into adulthood, his only desire to spend the rest of his life on a private island. Of course, once he met :iconwdisneyrp-rapunzel:, he saw the light, and realized that what he had been missing, was someone to spend his life with. That his crimes, were simply an attempt to fill the void.


Post-Movie before the wedding


To view relations/aquaintances etc. go here:

Relations((Type Ctrl+F to see, if there is a description for your character yet. As this thing is getting messier and messier and I'm planning to stuff lots of unnecessary stuff in it.. dont thank me for making characters searchable. You're welcome.))
((EDIT: Added links to old RPs wohooo.))
(Met them once or merely exchanged names. - Or the mun has yet to think of a quick informative text.)
Aquaintances Subject to Change:

Similiar Characters:

:iconwdisneyrp-aladdin::iconwdisneyrp-naveen::iconwdisneyrp-gaston::iconwdisneyrp-kristoff::iconwdisneyrp-robin-hood::iconwdisneyrp-dodger: & this guy

Outside of Disney:


((I also RP as: :iconwdisneyrp-hades: & :iconwdisneyrp-ariel:))


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After hearing Ursula was not the only person to suffer a gender change, he decided to send her beloveded henchman on land in search of victims to sink into a deal

A pair of identical men sat at a dark corner table of a pub, scanning the place until a handsome young short haired woman.
The eyed her, one leaned in and whispered in the other ear, resulting in a wheezey cackle

(… but with human shade skin and legs instead)
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Corona. What a beautiful kingdom indeed and there was the splendid castle just ahead. Oh so hoped getting in respectfully wasn't a chore, yet what could they do to an old man? Anything to help a friend at this point. He appeared before the doors of the castle before tapping it lightly with his cane, respectfully.

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