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Today, Eugene hadn't planned to do anything in particular. Just a quick walk around the market to look for some lunch. Not that he didn't like what they made at the castle. It was partially for old time's sake and just sniffing some fresh air. He smiled at nothing in particular as he decided to pay the baker a visit. In the morning they had mostly freshly baked goods, which he was absolutely craving now.

Just as he watched straight ahead towards the shop, he didn't see a kid running straight towards him. He stopped abruptly and grabbed it by its shoulders to keep it from falling. The child, however, obviously didn't appreciate the gesture. It first tried to get away, but when it had pushed itself away from him, it froze.

Eugene tilted his head at the boy. The little boy was panting and pressing a bag to his chest. A few fruits and other items were already dropping out of it, rolling around on the ground. The issue at hand was painfully obvious to the ex thief and made him chuckle a little. "What are you waiting for? If you don't run they're going to get you." he said quietly, not having to take a look around to know that. The boy maybe muttered a quiet "Thanks." before he ran off.

Once he had gotten away, Eugene noticed someone had been watching him. He smiled lightly and stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets. "Don't tell anyone, will you?"

((So after not posting anything worthy of a RP starter for a while, here goes! 
I am a dummy! It's short, but it's something. Today is also my birthday~ just turned 24. Just one more year for one quarter of a century.))
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Eugene Fitzherbert

Profile re-construction ongoing!
Here, have a pylon. Don't trip.

Quick Overview
Aliases: Flynn rider, as inspired by "The Tales of Flynnigan Rider"
Age: Young adult, roughly between twenty three or four
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Prince in training, all-time companion of Rapunzel
Residence: Corona
Marital Status: Engaged

Profile & Headcanons


Skills & Strengths
Over the years Eugene has aquired countless skills, which helped him survive in the anarchic parts of society. A few examples are lockpicking, riding and deceiving. More specifically he has learned how to hit and run. He can also engage in fist and sword combat, but he won't fight to win. Furthermore he also knows bits and pieces of foreign languages, such as french and spanish.

Simplest Divider by limitless--wings

Flaws & Weaknesses
As much as he tries to please, Eugene possesses a total inability to avoid trouble. He tends to overestimate hisself and often ends up in sticky situations. With reference to his past he is prone to blackmailing and doesn't mind breaking the law to go about his problems or helping others. He displays subtle cocky and discrespectful behavior towards higher authorities and often gets into fights with the Guard Captain.

Crown Divider by Xiahism

Click for detailed info on each relation. If I forgot you, feel free to comment!

((I also RP as: :iconwdisneyrp-ariel:))

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Her eyes went wide as she gazed upwards into the crystal blue sky at the large castle before her. "Oh my goodness..this. is. AMAZING!" She bounced, her blond hair flailing with her movements as she lightly moved through the bustling crowd. "Uh-- sorry- hold on!" She said to herself as the crowd got tighter, and eventually, she fell over as people pushed past her. Her glasses fell onto the ground in front of her, and all of her blueprints and paper she had in a folder spread across the ground. But her glasses were important - and without them, she could barely see. "Oh .. " She said to herself as she started feeling for them, and she saw a pair of legs move in front of her.

(( Hi!! Sorry, this isn't a v good starter! :c ))
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Isabella walked around the kingdom of Corona, deep in thought about her next patch she was attempting to earn. Many ideas came to her mind; there was the princess-for-a-day patch, the hangout patch which was simply just staying with one of her newer friends for a day, the invent-a-new-pie-recipe patch, and some others. After walking for a bit, she sat down on a bench and pulled out her handbook to look at. Which one to do? Which one to do?
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